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20A-12V Automatic Multi-Stage Mains Battery Charger

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20A-12V Intelligent 7 Stage Mains Battery Charger - Lithium Compatible

20A-12V Automatic Multi-Stage Mains Battery Charger designed to enable safe and efficient unattended charging of a 12V battery bank from a mains power source (220-240V AC). 

Advanced 7 stage charging process delivers faster and efficient charging, whilst eliminating the risk of voltage fluctuations. 

This unit is able to charge either a single 12V battery, or several 12V batteries connected in parallel (batteries must be the same type, capacity and age). This mains battery charger is compatible with Lead Acid batteries, including AGM, Gel, Wet Cell and also Lithium Batteries.

Full details:

Seven stage automatic charging 

1) Desulphation: The desulphation stage may break down sulphation that occurs in batteries that have been left flat for extended periods of time, returning them back to full charge. Sulphation occurs when lead-sulphate hardens and clogs up the battery cells. 

2) Soft-Start: A preliminary charge process that gently introduces power to the battery. This protects the battery and increases battery life. 

3) Bulk (Constant Current): Bulk mode charges the battery at the maximum rate (constant current) putting a large amount of power into the battery in a short amount of time. This stage will charge the battery to approximately 80%, until the voltage reaches 14.4 volts for 12V battery or 28.8volts for 24V charger. 

4) Absorption (Constant Voltage): The charge rate slows down so the battery can absorb more power and reach 100% charge. The voltage remains at a constant 14.4 volts for 12V charger or 28.8 volts for 24V charge while the current is gradually reduced until no more power can be added without over-charging the battery. 

5) Battery Test: An automatically battery test is conducted immediately after the absorption stage. The test monitors the voltage for 90 seconds to determine if the charge was successful. 

6) Recondition: The battery reconditioning function is initiated automatically if the battery fails the battery test (stage 5). Failing the battery test indicates that the absorption stage was unable to fully charge the battery. The recondition mode will then begin to introduce a low constant current for a period of 4 hours. Then the charger will go into the float charging mode. This recondition stage can recover batteries from a deeply discharged state increasing performance and battery life. 

7) Float: The float stage maintains the battery at 100% charge without overcharging or damaging the battery. This means the charger can be left connected to the battery indefinitely. 

Specification Operating Voltage range (AC): 190V - 265V (full capacity) / 50 Hz Input power: 400W DC output current: 20A DC output voltage: 12V Suggested Battery Capacity: 25 - 200Ah LCD Display: Showing status of charge Bulk / absorption charging voltage: 14.2V - 14.8V DC (depending on the battery type) Float charging voltage: 13.2V - 13.8V (depending on the battery type) Efficiency: <88% Operating temperature range: 0°C - 40°C Inbuilt fan Isolated DC output Certification: CE-EMC/LVD, RoHS Warranty: 12 months Dimensions: 176 x 175 x 95 mm Weight: 1.5kg

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