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Greenfields After Care service

Greenfields Aftercare Service

Is your caravan or motorhome more than 3 years old but less than 12?

Did you know that your leisure vehicle may only be covered for water ingress and nothing else? And we all know that the time when things go wrong is when the warranty / guarantee has expired.

Why not have these items covered for those faults and have them repaired under warranty?

 Here is an example on a Truma Combi heater a new circuit board alone is £300.  Not including the labour cost. Most common faults costs including investigation and parts are in the region of £130. per reported fault or visit.

Why not cover your leisure vehicle and your pocket against high repair costs with unlimited repairs.

Greenfields have teamed up with Engineers After care and Auto guard to help levitate the problem.

Here’s the best part: If you’re not in the local area of Greenfields we can arrange for you to use a local approved engineer to visit you where-ever you are in the UK and still be covered.

The Costs are as follows:

A one time payment for 12 months cover

Caravan Aftercare From £ 199. (Only £3.82 a week.)

Motorhome Aftercare From £ £279. (Only £5.37 a week.)


Here is what’s covered.


Ready to go ahead?

Fill in form below and a member of our team will be back in touch with you. or call the office and mention you are interested in the after care product.

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