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Alde Fluid Change

Greenfields technicians are trained by Alde and are approved to provide a fluid change on your Alde wet central heating system...

Our workshop can perform a complete removal, flush and replenish of the Glycol Fluid (antifreeze) in your Motorhome or Caravan.

Manufacturer, Alde recommend that the fluid, which is a consumable product, is to be changed on its second service from new as the fluid installed has a corrosion protection of only 2 years.

At Greenfields we will then replace with a 5 year (top grade) Alde recommended fluid with corrosion protection to help look after your heating system and work more efficiently.  This is not the same liquid that can be purchased from a local car factors.

To uphold the manufacturer's warranty, only approved fluids to be used in vans from 2020 onwards. 

If you have any doubt, we recommend the fluid is changed as this is the main component that looks after the boiler as well as the pipe work.

A fluid change is not part of a normal caravans annual service or motorhomes habitation service.

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NB: Price includes disposal to your old fluid from to a hazardous waste company,(Most recycling centres wont allow high quantity to be of disposed off),  flushing of the system and refilling with 25lrs of 5 year fluid.If more fluid is required it will be charged at £5.00 per ltr.