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Greenfields Customer Portal

Greenfields Customer Portal

Its new for you, and its free to use on any web browser.

What does it do?

1, Its allows you, our customer, to access your service and repair sheets online or to download and keep.

2, Gain access to a time line / progress report on how the service / repair is doing.

3, Be able to see quotes or invoices you may have.

4, History of all the servicing and repairs that have been handled by us all in one place.

5, Safe and secure system.

6. Paperless system to help with the environment.

7, You can upload images and files for us to see instead of emailing.

8, Link to our online shop (click and collect) log -in for discount on items.

This is all just to start. we will be updating the portal functions when we can, suggestions are always welcome.

NB: To have access to the portal, you must agree to the terms and conditions. 

Ready to join? Its free?  Click here: