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Chassis Service

On a Chassis Service we check your brakes, hitch and running gear of your caravan to ensure it is road worthy and safe.

All the work is carried out in co-ordnance with the manufacturers and the NCC / AWS for more information about this click here.

We don't rush, we like to take our time to get it right. a service can take a little while to complete the service / inspection. 

This service is better performed by our fixed workshop, as we can gain access under your caravan easier. 

The price for this service is single axle  From £200 Twin Axle  From £250 If we haven't seen your Chassis before there will be an additional charge.

Here is a comprehensive list of items that we check and service

Chassis and Running Gear

  • Check coupling head and safety catch for wear and lubricate if required
  • Check and clean pads on ball acting stabiliser
  • Check condition and routing of breakaway cable and clip
  • Check operation of overrun piston and lubricate
  • Check operation of jockey wheel clean and lubricate
  • Check operation of handbrake and lubricate
  • Check brake rods, cables and supports
  • Remove wheels and check tyres for wear, damage, age and pressure
  • Remove brake drums check bearings, seals and linings. Clean and lubricate
  • Replace drum with new split pin or one shot nut and torque as required
  • Adjust brakes at drum and check free play in the linkage and at handbrake
  • Replace road wheels and torque wheel nuts / bolts to manufacturers settings
  • Check condition and security of chassis and attachment to body
  • Check operation of suspension assemblies
  • Check corner steadies operation and lubricate
  • Check spare wheel carrier and folding step for operation and lubricate

Electrical Systems 12v

  • Check condition of 12N /12S  ( 13 pin) plugs and cables
  • Check condition and operation of road lights and reflectors
  • Check operation of all 12v power to Fridge
  • Check 12v Charging to Leisure Battery
  • ATC / IDC operation

Please note:

The prices stated is include hub nuts. but exclude replacement bulbs. From time to time a service may take longer than expected, so please allow time.

Although we will try and accommodate on the date you have requested your service we can not guaranty, we will try to and find a day that would suit you. For a nearer appointment it maybe worth asking for our fixed workshop as we have more staff and bays. Please check you Spam and Trash files for an appointment. You will need to confirm this appointment.

Should you have any questions feel free to contact us.