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Gas Safety Inspection and Repairs

One of the most important things to have checked:

At Greenfields we use a variety of equipment to check your gas installation and appliances are safe to use.

It's not just case of putting washing up liquid on a joint and looking for bubbles

There are checks we need to perform, before we allow gas to enter the leisure vehicle.

Here is a brief outline to our checks and procedures:

  • Check condition of gas locker, see if fit for purpose.
  • Are correct bottles used and secure.
  • Check regulators and hoses.
  • Inspect the complete installation of all pipe work.
  • Make use adequate ventilation high and low achieved.

We then apply a small amount of gas if safe to do so:

  • A tightness test is then performed.
  • If ok, then appliances are ran up and checked safety procedures on each of them.
  • A flue analyst meter is then used on each appliance to check each appliance is burning correctly. 

We also check the fire alarms  and co monitors are in good working order, installed and in date and that fire exits are clear and accessible,

We check you complete Gas Supply for leaks and performance.
This is to give you peace of mind.

The price for this service is from £120  *(service sheet provided)

Should you require a Gas Certificate* for this service there is additional work is required. This is charged at £180.

*NB: The gas certificate is not suitable to be used for residential or for the Leisure vehicle to be used for hire. You require a Gas Safe registered engineer who can perform the same checks and have been trained in LPG.

Self build and DIYers:

As much we would love to help you with your project and its great you want to have your installation check and certified,in our experience a large amount of builds do not comply to safety standards or gas regulations so we haven't been able to pass many of the installations. 

Before we take on any work we would like to see the following from you:

Images of build, equipment spec sheet, calculation of all ventilation (if not available show where vents are and size), what its to be used for, insulation used.

If you not able to provide any of these it's not a problem we work it all out for an additional charge ontop of the gas test.

We have a minimum charge of £85.00, weather the gas test is performed or not. Should you wish to continue with the gas test and certain items fail, you will receive a service sheet that mentioned that it fails, no details provided. If totally unsafe, warning notices will be added.

This is all for you saftey and others