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Affordable camping

The team here at Greenfields are not only a group of engineers and office staff, we are also campers. In our team we have caravaners, motorhomers also the odd one out who loves his tent, but that’s fine at least we all enjoy getting out and camping in the open.

We have quite a few customers that we share our camping habits, in regards to where we camp and how cheaply, instead of paying high fees and keep paying for the extras, ie per child / per dog.

Now what we are about to share with you isn’t new, but may not be explained to you very well in the past. 

Why haven’t you heard of this before? Well!

  • It isn’t marketed very well.

  • Not explained exactly what it is.

  • Not advised how to use it or find the sites.

  • Some are not willing to have a go.

  • Some people don’t like change.

  • Plus lots of other reasons.

So what is it ,you may ask?

Well its Rallies. But not what you think. Trust me its not.

Here are two examples of a Rally.

1, All singing all dancing:

  • Electric hook up.

  • Own Pitch

  • Sometimes own tap

  • On site toilets and showers

  • Swimming pools and entertainment restaurant /bar.

  • Pay for pitch per night only. Not per adult per dogs etc.

  • Close to beaches.

  • In summer hols. Off season too.

  • Across the UK.

This years price in Cornwall £20.00 a night.  Normal price (£65 a night)

2, Basic camping 

  • Massive area to camp / pitch.

  • Places nearby to visit.

  • Use own equipment on your caravan /motorhome.

  • Ideal for short breaks away or longer.

  • Tap on site for water.

  • Elson to dispose of toilet waste.

  • Across the UK, ideal to hop around, see the UK.

  • In and out of high season.

  • Pay per pitch night, no extras.

This years price in Henley on Thames £ 12.00 a night.

Now:  Quite a few people are concerned about going off grid, not having electric hook up, need to watch tv, need to have a shower, need to use a hair dryer, need WIFI for the kids. Need entertainment.

You can have all this with both examples, we can show you how.

See our blog about going off grid camping. (Coming soon....)

How do you get these savings? Easy.

Join the Camping and Caravanning Club. (C&CC)

You might be a member already but didn’t know how to get the best out of it.

When you join you belong to a section called a DA, (District Association).

What this means in your local area is there are little clubs within the C&CC that you can use and go on these rallies. They are like little pop up campsites across the UK which you are invited to use. The good thing is you don’t have to use your local DA you can use any DA, they would love to see you. All ran by volunteers. 

As we explained earlier, some of these are in lovely great spaces, some are on commercial sites and some are at the back fields of commercial sites. Why pay more when you don't have to?

How do I Join?

Click here:

What does it cost?

£45 a year.

How do I find out what campsites / rallies are on?

Once you have joined and got your membership number, you can download an app called ‘Out and About’ , input your membership number and search. Or search on their website once you get a log in. Another way is to join all the DA's Facebook group sites and then search them all. You will need a membership number to search /view any of these.

Benefits of being a member: (discounts)

  • Caravan insurance

  • RAC Membership

  • Go outdoors discount

  • Club sites to use

  • DA’s to use

  • Useful information

Plus more:

At lot of DA’s have themed nights and events.

  • Kids meets, games and competitions

  • Skittle nights

  • Xmas meets (in a hall)

  • New Years away meets camping (entertainment in a hall)

  • Cheese and wine meets.

  • Day out meets.

  • Locations near theme parks / beaches, ( cheaper camping)

The list is long….

Still not sure?   Why not give it a try? Give a Stewards at a DA’s a call for a chat or give us a call @Greenfields, we will be happy to answer any questions or concerns.

There is more to camping than just commercial sites.

If you are already a member or just joined, get in touch with your local DA, they would love to hear from you. They are a very friendly bunch and always happy to help.

Don't be shy -- Give it a try.

See you on a site somewhere.. Regards Greenfields